Our Services

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

We do repairs on all Desktop computers as well as Laptops from a variety of major brands such as HP, Acer, Dell, Asus, Lenovo and more.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We provide honest feedback in terms of diagnoses of your equipment and performing maintenance and upgrades to your equipment. We also provide expert advice on the probability of any upgrades to your equipment and whether it is economical to spend the money on any upgrade requirements VS buying new equipment instead.


We do any troubleshooting on your computer or laptop, whether it is software or hardware related issues such as Hanging/Freezing/Slowliness, Critical Error Messages, Booting issues, Component Issues, OS Failures, Virus/Malware Removal and many more...


We offer a variety of Hardware Products and Accessories to meet your requirements. We recommend that you enquire with us directly to obtain pricing and guidance on the right product for your needs.

Accessories & Supplies

We supply all your IT peripherals and accessories needed for your business, from printer consumables to IT supplies. We've got you covered with competitive pricing.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

We specialise in Service, Maintenance & Repairs to all major brand printers varying from small desktop A4 printers to large enterprise A3 Multi-Function Devices.

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

At Lizzard IT Solutions, we believe in doing set Preventative Maintenance schedules to maximize the life cycle of your printers and reducing failure rates by regularly doing basic services on your printer equipment such as cleaning services, roller replacements, clean and service the paper path for prevention of any obstruction that might cause paper jams etc.


Have you got old printers that you hold on to and still doing the job? Are you tight on cash flow and trying to sweat your printing assets? No problem, we can refurbish your printers to extend the lifespan and maximise performance as well as making it look brand new again! Let us evaluate your devices and give you expert advice whether it is worth your while to keep the printers or replenish them.


We offer adhoc installation services of printers hassle free, allowing you to focus on your productivity and business instead of worrying how to deploy a fleet of devices across your network. With our specialised service, we will ensure that the deployment of your printer fleet is practical, using the best strategies and connectivity for your environment.

Service Level Agreements

We offer SLA's on your existing devices for regular service and maintenance to maximise performance of your printer fleet. Provided that there are no current contracts signed with any service provider that might have a conflict of interest. With our management reporting, we are able to service your fleet without having to contact anyone.


We offer a selection of printers for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environments from the latest technology from different vendor products. Please enquire for pricing and availability of any printer requirements.

Consumables & Supplies

We can supply your business with printer consumables ranging from different major brands at competitive pricing.

Remote Technical Support

We offer a variety of remote support packages for your IT needs, giving you a comprehensive budget for billable hours on IT support for your small business. The remote support packages can be utilised throughout the month as you wish. Remote support will be conducted telephonically or remotely controlling your devices. Head over to our Online Shop for different support packages

IT Consulting & Freelancing

We also offer adhoc IT services & freelancing work, whether you don't have the capacity to complete the project or simply just want to outsource, you can use us as your consulting partner whatever you need done. The service will be billable on an hourly rate as and when you need to use our services.

Content Management Systems

We can do your website designing requirements using Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or Moodle. Whatever your idea, we design it digitally using ready built platforms to easily go digital & online. Whether you starting a small business or would just like to modernise your website online, we do it tall.

Custom Web Designing

We also do custom web designing on Front End and Back End technologies for your small business and presence online.

Website Analytics

We can provide tracking and statistics software that gives you vital insights on how visitors find your site, what they do when they get there, and other important information on the health of your website: such as Web traffic, e-Commerce and lead conversions. With our monthly reporting structure, you can get an overview of your audience reaching your site and start developing your digital marketing strategies

Search Engine Optimization

We provide SEO solutions that involves making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine. SEO is the process that organizations go through to help make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

Brand Development & Digital Marketing

Are you opening a new business and require a professional corporate identity? We can do your logo designing, letterhead & corporate company profile requirements with up to 3 selections of proof designing to choose from. We also help you get the most out of your Digital Marketing & Online Presence

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted files and need to recover them? We have a software based data recovery solution. Data recovery software is a type of software that enables the recovery of corrupted, deleted or inaccessible data from a storage device. Our software reviews, scans, identifies, extracts and copies data from deleted, corrupted and formatted sectors or in a user-defined location within the storage device.